SKR007 - Slow Owls

by Totalmess




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“The image of an anthill tingles my train of thought. You know those ticklish giggles that get busy in a hierarchy worthy of the largest industrial productions. Their lives may seem messy if it prevents us from believing in its operation. They rise above, activate at any cost, make return to not knowing what to do. Those billion, stressed ants are following logic too fertile for their smallness. Their community is a hidden organization, a shy mania, as when seen from a distance an ant is just an ordinary mound of earth that distorts the fullness of a forest glade. But as Victor Hugo said: “the form, the substance that rises to the surface.” This base often invisible and disparate but needs almost everything to the form, if assisted and lascivious. The sounds of Totalmess lay alongside the spirit of these insects. It is on this basis that Jimmy, a 26 year-old from Nice has built his musical project. The ugly duckling of the family cocoon, he began his relationship with electronics at an early stage, leaving aside his fellows in academia.

In accordance with glitch music, the term for a malfunction of an electronic device, this concept swells around his compositions generating white noise and bad sampling. All elements that might tarnish the sound are retained within, rather than omitted. Through the restrictions of home recording, analog synthesizers and drum machines, the limitations excite the process of creation. Applying the notions of his trip-hop influences (Four Tet, Burial), alternatives (Thom Yorke, Mount Kimbie), soundtracks (Clint Mansell), and contemporaries; Sun Glitters, Woodini and Spazzkid . This bath of cultures enriches the production found on Jimmy’s two EPs “Slow Owls” and “Meteologist”. His tracks disrupt the usual formalities of electronic music whilst simultaneously captivating the listener and force the unhinging of their previous assumptions. They should be subject to settling. Interference engages in the fight (“TU”), the clinking orchestrates a bang (“The Magic”) and electro runs in an experiment at the edge sharpness, as a static test and nuanced rhythm. The sounds abort and form a large mass and light in a perpetual cycle. Jimmy hacks and stretches the bottom of the sounds, sampling of the third kind. Groove is in a mess where the particles are agitated like a cathodes fuzzy TV picture. His music literally hiccups. It is a maze, an ode to Daedalus.” review by JULIEN CATALA

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Title: Slow Owls
Artist: Totalmess
Label: Sturm & Klang Records
Catalogue: SKR007
Sort: EP
Tracks: 5
Length: 16:08
Date: 02/15/15

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released February 15, 2015

Written by Totalmess
Mixed by Totalmess
Masterd by Totalmess
Art by Asano Ryuhei



all rights reserved


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