SKR006 - Warm Notes For You

by Celadon City



Albums and EP are a way that one can tell a story. An EP can also set a mood in the room, put a person to sleep, inspire someone to go outside, and much more. Those types of projects have brought me to places, and have inspired me to write my own stories. “Warm Notes For You” is an EP that is meant to be played through in its entirety, for it is a story. The most beautiful thing about music is that you can interpret it however you want.

“Warm Notes For You began in early december as I was experimenting with writing songs at night. Outside I would draw pictures, listen to the winter winds, and immerse myself in a natural silence that brought me to the deepest parts of my heart. These parts were memories and imaginations of past events as a child and even as late as the first semesters of college. Those were wonderful times and it was the beginning of something new. This EP is the beginning of something new for me, as I embrace my mind and the ideas that I have wished to make real.

So please, listen to this while you are driving, sitting outside with your friends (or alone) with something warm to drink, staring at the night sky, or whatever makes you drift off. Know that you write the stories and you can make anything beautiful..... and i’m here to help you if you need me.

Thank you Jakob, Paul, Bailey, Abby, Mom and Dad, Siti and Gidi, my family, Liam, Maxwell, Garland, SAFARI, Sturm and Klang, Allegiance, Cory, Joey, Matt, Colton, and everyone else for guiding me to the farthest of stars and to the most beautiful worlds. Bless you and enjoy......

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I started learning guitar when I was 9 and taught myself basic piano and drums. My music is molded by the influences in this world today and also by my peers which I thank. Anything can be great and its very important to understand and live in the world which exists. So much can be learned if one first understands himself, and I do this with music. I hope everyone can find their inspiration for life and its discovery.

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Title: Warm Notes For You
Artist: Cleadon City
Label: Sturm & Klang Records
Catalogue: SKR006
Sort: EP
Tracks: 4
Length: 10:44
Date: 01/24/15

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Celadon City:

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released January 24, 2015

Written by Celadon City
Mixed by Celadon City
Masterd by Celadon City
Art by Asano Ryuhei



all rights reserved


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