SKR005 - Osaka

by Grand Inc



After releasing three EP`s, one LP and sumless collections within two years, Grand Inc is going to release his forth Extended Player on Sturm & Klang Records. On his way to his second Long Player he created these three tracks which clearly turn away from his former work. It's a quieter, more bass-heavy and essentially deeper melancholic path he takes with his samplabased music and therewith he dives into deep spheres and strikes in doing so a chord between Gold Panda and smooth UK Garage – a beacon on his way to his coming work.

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EDM, it’s played in every club out there that accepts electronic music. It’s what gets our bodies sweating and our booties groovin’. Today, I want to look at something that seems a bit more neglected: IDM. If you are not sure what IDM is, it stands for Intelligent Dance Music. It consists of a lot of left brain content, and is very experimental; think Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Flying Lotus, Autechre, etc. I present to you today, a producer from the heart of Germany, by the name of Grand Inc, and let me tell you, he is putting out some of the most insane stuff for such a small name producer. I am very inspired by a guy who goes by the moniker Zack Christ and I immediately thought of him when I heard some of Grand Inc’s music. Grand Inc just put tons of sounds from every type of sound source imaginable, manipulated and glitched out or chopped up to complete madness.” – Gazsia on Damn Son

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Title: Osaka
Artist: Grand Inc
Label: Sturm & Klang Records
Catalogue: SKR005
Sort: Extended Player
Tracks: 3
Length: 10:40
Date: 11/30/14

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Grand Inc:

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released November 30, 2014

Written & Produced by Grand Inc
Masterd by Grand Inc
Art by Asano Ryuhei



all rights reserved


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