SKR003 - Colder Brait

by Frnkbrt



I used to attend a cult of crazy "mariani" (devotees of Mary). At night i often couldn't sleep and was able to rest my mind only with a lot of effort.
But i had the luck to enforce my dreamlike abilities during those rave times. I got to a point where i had auditory hallucinations when i was half-asleep.
From one of these came my nickname. A voice was repeating continuously a sentence, words that i never thought of putting together all my life: "Colder Brait".
I decided to recall this legacy for my first ep.
It is important to be defined by nature, not society. I think it is very important.

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frequentavo una setta di esaltati mariani. la notte mi capitava spesso di non riuscire a dormire o di prendere sonno con molte difficoltà. ebbi la fortuna di implementare le mie capacità oniriche in tutto quel delirio, fin quando non arrivai al punto di percepire allucinazioni uditive nella fase di dormiveglia. da una di queste è nato il mio nome d’arte. una voce mi ripeteva ininterrottamente una frase, parole che non ho mai messo insieme in vita mia: colder brait.
ho deciso di rievocare questo ricordo utilizzandolo per il mio primo ep.
è importante che sia la natura a definirti, non la società. penso sia molto importante.

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FRNKBRT was born in 2011 as a experimental-electronic project, it evolved and generated a sound following decomposed rhythmics on the DAW’s grid – with original recorded samples found in the surrounding ambient. He believe in Abstract and also in the shadows of our dreams. …

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Title: Colder Brait
Artist: Frnkbrt
Label: Sturm & Klang Records
Catalogue: SKR003
Sort: EP
Tracks: 5
Length: 21:36
Date: 11/10/14

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released November 10, 2014

Written and produced by Frank Brait
Produced by Sturm&Klang Records
Art by Asano Rhyuhei



all rights reserved


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