SKR002 - Golden Chambers

by Mordecai



Mordecai composed Golden Chambers between Rome and Paris. The exotic contaminations make the album sounds like a real voyage. Mordecai plays on sampling and surprise effects. He combines cumbus saz to the dark wave, moog synths with cellos, guitars and tablas with electronic sounds. There’s a psychedelic funk approach put close to an enormous quantity of beats as well as an hip hop regard. This mystical and dancing patchwork finds an equilibrium and is equal just to itself.
Turn off your mind, relax and enter Mordecai golden chambers.

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Being asked to describe his own music, Mordecai a.k.a Italian musician Francesco Neglia, states that he tries to combine funk-jazz drums, old sitar, tar and cümbus saz together in a deep spiritual forest, thus creating melancholy reveries and hybrid explorations through a kaleidoscope of textures and rhythms.

“All my music is connected by a spirit of wanderlust. I try to merge old funk and Italian prog drums and hip hop beats with a huge range of live instrumentation: guitars, cümbus saz, moog. I’m a guitarist, and I love all string instruments, especially those that originate in the East. Sampling for me is a process of complete serendipity: you begin by searching for a particular musical dimension but then music comes to you in an unexpected, powerful and beautiful way. I need to feel the music, not just play it. All good musicians are good listeners.”

Mordecai started playing music at age 14. He studied blues, jazz and fusion guitar in Rome, and after attending university with a focus on anthropology, Mordecai’s interest in sounds from other continents expanded. He currently lives in Paris.

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Title: Golden Chamber
Artist: Mordecai
Label: Sturm & Klang Records
Catalogue: SKR002
Sort: Extended Player
Tracks: 6
Length: 25:10
Date: 11/05/14

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released November 5, 2014

Written & Produced by Mordecai
Masterd by Sturm & Klang Records
Art by Fabrizio Narcisi



all rights reserved


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